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Known only as DuVall though a privledged few know his real name, the flamboyantly gay lead guitarist of 'The Fraters' and protective older brother figure for Rayray.

Rachael Sommers

A friend of Lex and her crew. She was rescued by Alexis and Eden four years ago from a human trafficer and still bears some of the phsycological if not physical scars from her past. Painfully shy except when onstage, where playing a role gives her freedom.
Known as Rayray to her friends, and sometimes as 'the mouse that roared' as extreme situations will push her to act out of character.

NPC Character- Jax Thackery

The key woman in his life is also the key woman in Lex's, as three years ago he married Eden Adams. Shiftless and lazy, with a wicked sense of humour and an eye for the technological, he would and, has risked his life for the Eden, and would lie down in front of traffic for her, just don't ask him to admit it.
He's also the man with the connections, he knows enough to at least point the girls in the right direction, and to let them do all the work, but if it comes down to it he can be relied on to do his part, watch your back and if it all goes belly up, take his share of the consequences

NPC Character Jinx

Jinx is an X5, 24 years old. Jinx was an infantry soldier, and a good one. His was sent on away missions frequently due to this, though rarely undercover. He excelled in weapons training and combat. Though he was always curious about life outside of Manticore. When Manticore was destroyed and they were released by Max and the shooting began, he knew instantly that they had been betrayed by their own. Staying behind to fight off the shooters and help as many of his fellow transgenics escape as he can, he was hit from behind and taken captive by the FBI. It's still unknown as to why. The theory he and Libra have is that they wanted a basic X5 to send to forensics.
Libra rescued him in more ways than one. She released him, and they instantly connected. He was unsure of how to live in the world, but as Libra was so afraid as well, he took charge and in making her confident that she could began to feel it himself. Finally getting to explore his curiosity and enjoy his newfound freedom, he fit easily into everyday life.
Together they left to Coeur d 'Alene Idaho and took up working odd jobs. When Libra saw Alec on the news they left quickly to Seattle to aid the transgenics in any way possible.
Jinx is charming with a sarcastic, goofy sense of humor. He can always ease Libra, no matter which way she's off balance. They are incomplete without one another.
His designation is X5-330419360717

NPC Character Libra

Libra is an X5, 22 years old. She was in the same primary unit as Alec. Created for her ability to contort her body to fit through nearly any place, such as laser security fields, ventilation systems, and small windows, Libra was ideal of acquiring information for Manticore.
After the fall of Manticore she did as she thought was right and followed the signal to regroup. Once the FBI saw her skill as she dodged the bullets being shot at her, they decided to capture her instead and send her to forensics for experimentation.
Unbeknowest to them she was skilled enough to escape the cage they had designed for her. On her way out she saw Jinx inside another cage and released him. They've been a couple ever since.
The two of them moved to Idaho, where they lived peacefully, finding odd jobs to work at in Coeur d 'Alene. When they saw the siege of Jam Pony on the news and Libra's good friend Alec, they left to help instantly. By the time they arrived Max had begun the transgenic revolution and Libra has been assisting in any way she can.
Libra was named for her personality, very balanced unless you do something to tip her out of proportion, either in a good or bad way. She can be very excitable or fierce, given her mood. Jinx is the only one who can balance her out. Jinx is the other half of Libra, as is she to him.
Her designation is X5-332599871052

NPC Character Ruby

Ruby is X6 and 15 years old. Ruby was a designed for field work at Manticore, and excelled at computer skills, electronic engineering, and was placed in that program when she was 10. However she was still trained as all X-series were.
After the fall of Manticore Ruby lived on the streets and was found stealing food from a church kitchen by Father Destry, the Priest who tried to save Ben. He placed her in a foster home. Her foster parents were good people, but they had also taken in a boy who was very cruel. He hated Ruby instantly, mostly due to jealousy.
A week before the seige at Jam Pony, when everyone was still suspicious, her foster brother saw Ruby's barcode. He gathered a group of anti-transgenics and they attacked her.
Ruby was fighting them off, though outnumbered, she held stood her ground but was injured. Max was passing by on her way to Terminal City and after hearing the slurs from the anti transgenic mob and quickly realized what was happening. She came in saved her, taking her along to Terminal City. She's been under the care of Joshua and has a hard time trusting people. She and Lenz are friends, bonding a little over this. Ruby is shy at first but quite cheerful once she opens up.
Her designation is X6-361

Eden Thackery

The woman, the legend. Lead guitarist for 'The Fallen Children', the band Lex used to sing for. Another voice from Lex's past, met our girl when she was sixteen years old. They lied cheated and stole to stay alive on the streets and have watched each others backs ever since, seeing each other through death, sex, love, pain and joy. They know each other better than each woman knows herself.
In the few weeks since Lex moved to Seattle, Eden has noticed a change in our girl and if she finds out who is to blame, she will kick their asses.

NPC Character Miki

Miki is an X5, and is 25 years old. Her specialty became deep cover operations after showing so much promise in the field. Most of them took place with European corporations and dignitaries. Her sophistication, agility, and lingual fluency made her one of Manticore's most valued infiltration agents. After the destruction of Manitcore she settled in Seattle and became a well respected assistant to a major corporation in the city. When she saw what was happening to her people, the other transgenics, she contacted them and now assists from the outside any way she can.

Her designation is X5-330987316765

Nick Hunter

Nick Hunter. Human. 25. 'Cousin' of Alexis De' Silva. Used to be a nice guy before Manticore got to him, now he's a ticking time bomb for our girl. Nowadays he's got delusions of keeping our girl, after all, every zealot has a reward for carrying out his task, right?
Three little words, that's all he has to say, he lost her once and he is NOT willing to let it happen again.

NPC Character Lenz

Lenz is an X6, 15 years old. He was wandering around from town to town, and had finally managed to settle a bit when the the public found out about Manticore. They saw his barcode and he was attacked in the small town south of Seattle. He had just arrived in Seattle when locals caught onto him. Alec and some of the TC crew found him fighting them off. He took to Alec immediately, and doesn't trust many people. He's known to jump the gun quite quickly and is unsure of himself alot. He's intensely loyal, and a gets very overexcited. His designation is X6-529.